We all have a life that we are meant to live. And it’s not always the one we are currently experiencing.

Which one is it, then?

We are convinced of this:

We are here to experience who we really are, as fully as we can.

The life we are meant to live is that in which we give ourselves full permission to be authentic and in alignment with what makes our soul come alive.

We might have been conditioned to believe or act as if what’s important, is to provide a living for ourselves and our family. Or to just make it through life, securing a lifestyle for the sake of comfort and protection.

Even if doing so means to relinquish or deny ourselves. Even if that means to suppress our deepest desires and the whispers of our soul.

What a dysfunctional nonsense!

You want to be happy? You can’t go against yourself, then. It won’t work!

Here’s a fact:

We are looking for happiness. True happiness. Not the conditioned and ephemeral experience we have mistaken for the real thing.

We are spiritually wired to do that. Because happiness, bliss, joy, love, excitement, passion, is our natural state.

So actually, in our seeking whether of material achievements or of spiritual enlightenment, we are just looking to bring ourselves back to ourselves. Back to the enjoyment of our true nature.

In other words…

What we are really longing for is for more of us. More of our soul.

Here’s another fact:

The experience of that which we want the most, will only come when you align with who you really are.

When you align with your heart. When you dare to express your soul.

It’s simple logic.

If what you really want is to be happy, blissfully and not just wishfully, and those states of being are your true nature… then you must be your Self.

Not somebody else’s dream. Not somebody else’s expectations. Not somebody else’s idea of what is to be a “good” girl or boy.

You just need to live as your Self.

Call it being authentic. Living from the heart. Following your bliss.

Happiness is not about achievement. It’s about alignment.

It’s not about getting something. It’s about being you.

True happiness will only come by going with your True-Self, not against. When letting not a second-hand fear-based logic to set the course, but your soul.

Easier said than done! Right?

How come? Shouldn’t it be easy to be, just you?

Easy it is. But once you release and let go of all that is not you.

Until then, there’s a lot of fun to have transcending resistance and fear.

We have been there. Like… last week ;-)

In our own journey through life, we have found ourselves so many times confronted by the contrast between what we know at a deep intuitive level, and what we do as if we didn’t know.

Sometimes, painfully aware of such a gap.

But we have also found fascinating the evolutionary process, the expansive and liberating journey, of closing the gap.

It isn’t intrinsically more difficult to be our True-Self than not to be. Actually, it’s the most effortless thing of all! Like floating downstream on a river.

But we have been so conditioned by societal beliefs and cultural rules. Then, when the time comes to answer the inner call to be fully authentic, we face resistance in the form of doubt and fear. Sometimes even guilt. Not to mention issues of worthlessness.

Fortunately, there are ways to break the spell and experience ourselves free. As free as who we really are, is.

We don’t remember exactly when, but quite a few years back, we made a choice:

To make the remembering of our own individual Truth, and the living of it, our priority.

Suicide attempts. Divorces. Bankruptcy. Switching careers. Emigrating to another country. Starting and shutting down businesses…

Many have been the intense experiences in this quest of ours.

But for us, it’s the only path to true happiness. To fulfillment. To creative ecstasy.

The beauty is that this “only path” has infinite ways of being actualized. As many as individual consciousness there are in Existence.

Your path is not our path. But it’s neither the “norm” of society. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this.

Whatever your individual path is, shares one core dynamic with all other paths: aligning with and expressing your True Self.

A self that is evolving. Never static. But always, at every now moment, pointing you to the opportunity to experience the joy of your existence. To the joy of being You.

Here at TrueSelfliving we want to share our ongoing journey towards more of us. We hope it evokes in you the desire and triggers the insights, the expansion and the choices, to realize your own True-Life.

At times we will share raw, real-time, naked stories, as we go along our own adventure.

Other days we will share realizations. Even tools and processes –games in consciousness, as we call them– that you can use.

But whatever it is you find in the days to follow here at TrueSelfliving, on our Facebook page, our Twitter, or our YouTube channel, they will all have one thing in common:

A reminder that life is for one thing only…

To experience more of the joy of who you really are.