Yesterday I caught myself in an uncomfortable train of thought. I was describing to myself the current circumstances I am being challenged by. You know, “what is”. And it wasn’t a particularly nice description of the picture.

For sure, thinking that way didn’t feel good!

It happened that my thinking had, as an underlying assumption, a false premise about how reality works.

The cool thing is that once I became aware of the flawed idea I was unconsciously using to build my description, my energy shifted.

Subtly at first, but at the same time profoundly. And over time, the shift has become more prominent.

I want to share with you how this came to be because, as it has been for me in the past 24 hours, seeing through this could also have a profoundly liberating and empowering effect on you.

In my particular case, I was relating how we are now depending financially –or so it seems– on one source of income.

And I was connecting with my desire to gain financial independence by manifesting other sources of income.

That sounds like a positive desire, doesn’t it?

Yes. But I was feeling contracted anyway. There was something not that obvious about my way of seeing things and connecting with my desires, that was out of whack.

Why? Here comes part of the story…

Hidden in my description of “what is”, there was a fundamental misinterpretation of how reality works:

Circumstances are conclusive. They define reality, and set a path for how things will unfold.

In other words, a fallacy that I have been aware for a long time, but that yesterday saw with new clarity:

Circumstances mean something.

Like in…

This means that won’t happen.

This means this is what happens next.

This means there’s no other way.

This means I am screwed.

This means I am not capable/worthy/lovable…

The truth of the matter is that circumstances don’t mean… shit ;-)

Maybe more elegantly, we could call this…

The meaninglessness of things

Circumstances don’t come with a built-in meaning.

Now, you might already know this. This recognition might be old news for you.

You might already be aware that we are the ones giving circumstances meaning. That we are the ones pasting our interpretations and projections onto them. And that this usually takes place in unconscious and reactive ways.

Maybe that has already been integrated into your understanding of life.

If so, it might be relatively obvious to you how the perspective from which you interpret things, is what defines your reality.

Oh, and if by any chance this is your first time going through these ideas… well… now you know! :-)

Yesterday, I was there. In that “yes, I know” this. But nonetheless, I was feeling contracted.

At some point, I decided to explore: Why do I feel this discomfort? What is causing my energy to be low and slow? How is it that I am seeing things, as to feel this way?

I knew there was something in my way of relating to the circumstances, that wasn’t right. Otherwise I would have felt awesome! Which I didn’t.

Shortly after I began my inquiry, it became clear. I had been missing something. It had to do with the recognition that…

The meaninglessness of circumstances is so, because of an even more fundamental understanding of how reality works.

Now, what I am about to say, you might also already know. I also knew it from before. Nonetheless, there was a crucial connection I was not making.

But once I saw it, once I integrated that understanding into the perspective from which I was relating to my circumstances…

Ahhhhh… a deep and soundless sigh of relief came to me.

This is what I am talking about:

There’s nothing fixed in Existence

Everything is in flux.

Everything. Eternally. Changing.

Now, let’s play with this idea of everything eternally changing for a moment.

That means that at any given moment, the only thing you can be aware of is a frame –as in one frozen picture of the film strip– of Existence.

Because, by definition, the very next moment is something different. It might appear very much the same as a moment ago. But it’s another frame nonetheless.

Take a film strip –or if you’re more digitally inclined, imagine editing a home video on a video editing app. Hold the strip in your hands or zoom in in the screen, so that you’re looking at just one particular frame.

When you do that, something becomes evident: all frames, as much as they appear sequentially one after the other, are totally independent.

Now, is one frame. Now, is another… structurally different from the previous one.

The implications of this understanding are simple but profound. And astoundingly practical.

Here’s the connection I was missing:

A particular frame, in an of itself, doesn’t mean that another specific frame will show up later in the film strip.

Put another way:

A current state of affairs, is just that… the current frame. Nothing more!

Your current circumstances don’t mean, as a matter of fact, anything down the road. Only what you might project into the future.

But that projection of how your movie will unfold, doesn’t belong to the frame. It’s just a trick of the mind.

This is not only about recognizing that circumstances don’t come with built-in meaning, and that you are the giver of meaning.

It’s more about realizing this:

Circumstances are not conclusive of anything. By the structure and mechanics of Existence, they can’t be.

They don’t define reality. Much less set a path of how things will unfold.

You see, my ideas of “depending financially” and being stuck were false! They implied a fixed way reality is supposed to be, projected into the future. A set of predetermined frames to appear ahead on the movie of my life, as if things were already set in stone.

No wonder I felt contracted! Existence is anything but static!

Now, bring for a moment into your awareness a similar this-means-that-this-is-so thought you might have.

Give it a second, and connect with one such conclusion about how things are in your life.

Now, take away whatever future projection it implies. Drop any definition of things being one way or another, just because a particular circumstance is present.

What are you left with?

Just a frame. A circumstance that can be observed and described only as it shows up now. Because its presence doesn’t mean anything predetermined will appear down the road.

Can you feel the lightness and freedom already that this perspective brings about?

Now, whatever is happening can then be seen as just a creative context. One for you to clarify more of how you want to express and experience yourself as, now.

Let’s wrap this up…

Except for its own existence and how it fundamentally works, there’s nothing fixed in Existence.

Everything is in flux. Always.

Therefore, circumstances can’t represent a fixed conclusion into what experiences are or will be. That would imply contradicting the ever present constant of change.

So there’s no this means that. There’s only I paste this meaning into that.

There’s no this is what things are. Only this is what this now-frame is.

And as you awaken to the illusion of things-meaning-futures, the malleability of reality, the ever-present freedom of consciousness, and the lightness of Existence, becomes strikingly obvious.

To get close to that experience, you might want to meditate –like sitting down for a few minutes to relax and focus your attention– with the simple but profound truth we’ve been talking about:

Nothing is fixed. Everything is always in flux.

How could your relationship with your life and challenges soften, lighten up and transform, if you take that idea to heart… radically?


Think about it. Feel it. Let it sink in.

For me, this recognition has been liberating. It has brought about a new lightness in my way of relating to things.

Now its easier for me to see circumstances as what they are –reflections and opportunities to see myself and make new choices– in the clarity of what they are not.

Now they don’t feel as threatening or constricting. They are not saying anything about how things are much less how they will be. Now I realize that they can not!

Do you see? There are no conclusions out there!

Now, as my vision clears up a bit, I can regard to circumstances as the mirrors and neutral invitations that they are. The unconditional stage upon which to tune into my freedom and creative power, as I learn to align even more with my truth and desires.

Talk about a vibrational shift!

From this new vibe, this is my invitation to you…

In the midst of whatever is showing up for you right now, relax… and expand into the non-conclusiveness of life.