Resonance is, mechanically speaking, what happens when an external frequency coincides with the natural frequency of a system.

If the frequency of something coincides with the frequency of something else, both are in resonance.

This is why, for example, if you have two tuning forks tuned to the same frequency, by giving a touch to one of them to make it sound, the other also begins to vibrate. The two tuning forks get into resonance.

Let’s play with this example of the two tuning forks.

Imagine that the Expanded Consciousness that you really are (your Soul, Higher Self, or whatever you’d like to call that part of your non-physical existence), holds one of them.

A tuning fork that is tuned to the frequency of your nature. In synch with the fundamental energy of your existence. To your essence as a particular and individualized expression of the Existence that you are.

A tuning fork that is always vibrating. Eternally emitting the song of who you really are beyond any idea or identity.

The other tuning fork is the one you hold in every now, at every moment, all the time, at the level of consciousness through which you perceive and create your human experience.

So every thought, every idea, every meaning, every belief, every experience in you now, is the other tuning fork.

What happens then is vibrational mechanics: if the thought, idea, meaning, belief or experience that you are having now is in the same frequency as that of your essence and spiritual nature, your human consciousness begins to vibrate.

You get excited, vibrationally speaking, raising to the same frequency of your Soul, because you are connecting in your consciousness with something that is representative of your essence.

The two tuning forks, the one of your Expanded Consciousness and the one of your human consciousness, have gotten into resonance.

The thought, the idea, the meaning, the belief or the experience that you are giving energy to now, resonates with you.

That vibration, that energetic excitation, that recognition of your essence, emerges in your body as excitement.

Your excitement is, then, the human experience of being in resonance with your soul.

It’s the encounter with the desires that, at the level of your Expanded Consciousness, you have chosen for you.

It’s the ecstasy of recognizing yourself. The joy of connecting with your truth. The magic of tuning with who you really are.

And what are you here for, in this human experience, if it’s not to live from your truth?

For which purpose are you aware of your existence, if it’s not to express your essence?

Only your Soul has the primordial tuning fork.

And in every thought, idea, meaning, belief and experience to which you connect from your human consciousness, is the other tuning fork. This will vibrate or not depending on whether it’s in resonance –in alignment– with your truth.

Nothing and no one else knows what is best for you. Nothing and no one else knows that truth –that which isn’t an idea, but a vibrational recognition of your existential nature, and of the particular way you want to express, explore and experience the game of creation.

You are, from the perspective of the Expanded Consciousness that you are, the only authority. You are who, from the unconditional and infinite love of Existence, chooses to be… you.

And nothing nor nobody else, has voice nor vote in this matter.

Nothing has the power to deny the desires of your Soul.

Except one thing: yourself. The only thing in existence that can contradict what you choose at an expanded level of consciousness is yourself, at another level of consciousness.

If you have fun contradicting yourself… go ahead! ;-)

But surely you can recognize this in your experience: what we call peace and fulfillment, is only available when we tune to the frequency of our deepest authenticity.

When you use your resonance –your innate ability to recognize when you are aligned with your nature and spiritual essence– to choose the thoughts, ideas, meanings, beliefs and experiences to entertain in your consciousness, your expansion accelerates.

Your vibe raises to that of your Soul. You tune to the frequency of the pulse of your existence. And in your life the synchronicities that reflect the alignment to your Truth become more and more evident.

What the fuck is all this for? ;-)

It’s simple:

To fully experience the adventure that, from the heart of your Soul, you so much intend to live.

It is to have the chance to let yourself be guided by your resonance. To surrender to the realization that your resonance, as the feeling of your alignment with your True Self, is a tool of the Soul.

When choosing what to do…

Should I change my job? Should I move out? Should I engage with my partner? Should I break up this relationship? Should I start my own business? Where are we going for vacation? Shall I buy this? What shall I choose to eat from the menu? What should I wear? Who do I go out with? Am I going to this party? Do I get to study this? What should I do? What is the best use of my time?…

Use your resonance. Be guided by it. Make it your only authority.


P.S.: living by resonance is an art, not a science. It is a matter of the heart, not of the mind.

If you want support to unlearn what separates you from your resonance and learn practical ways to align to your Truth, this tool can help you.