Note: this is a short and complementary post to The liberating effect of realizing the non-conclusiveness of life. This one is a practical extension to what I share there. If you haven’t yet, you might want to read that first, or after. As always and for everything, do whatever resonates :-)

A life without conclusions. Hmmmm… Ahhhh… Wow… Oh yeah!

Yes, it can be kind of orgasmic ;-)

I’ve been playing with tuning into this idea for a few days now, and I can tell you… it’s deliciously expansive!

So go ahead, contemplate this:

In life, there are no conclusions.

Picture yourself free from the illusion of people, circumstances, and experiences, having come to be a certain thing.

Entertain the thought that there’s nothing fixed. Nothing set in stone. In this sense, nothing is defined.

And the recognition that nothing is unchangeable. Everything is always in flux.

Give yourself to it for at least a few seconds. I’ll still be here when you come back ;-)

Playing with this myself, something has become more than evident:

I have been so conditioned to not only jump to conclusions, but also to stay with them!

And I bet that most probably, you too.

In our search for certainty, we have taught ourselves to build our world views one conclusion after the other.

And from there, we then give ourselves to the expectation of things following our conclusions. Which they do. Because we expect them to!

Here’s an empowering game in consciousness I have been playing with myself, that you might also enjoy:

Several times a day, for at least a few seconds, see life without conclusions.

Even if just for a moment, you can do it with specific things. Like those that might be right in front of you at the time.

Like a person. How is it to see her or him, without any concluding thought about how she or he is?

Or a circumstance. How is it to relate to this happening without any concluding thought about what it means, and no fixed projection of what will come out of it?

Even an emotion. How is it to feel it shift right in front of your inner eyes, as you tap into the knowingness of it not signifying anything?

Playing this game, I have experienced relief. Lightness. Freedom. Spaciousness. The deep recognition of spiritual perfection and wellbeing. Elevation of energy.

Whatever the experience, there’s a vibrational shift when we loosen our assumptions. And it can be blissfully delicious and empowering!

Now, here’s what for me is the best part of what this game in consciousness opens up:

Once you tune into the spaciousness that is always beyond these illusory conclusions…

What’s next?

Your choice.

The fresh, most exciting, resonating choice you feel inspired to infuse that space with.

There’s beauty and power in recognizing the non-conclusiveness of life. But it goes beyond waking up from the trance of fixed ideas.

And it’s more than just expanding your consciousness back into your lightness and freedom.

It’s beauty and power is in making yourself available to embrace the choice you always have, to play as the creator you are.

Because the call of our soul is not to remain in vague spaciousness (which undoubtedly can feel delicious at times).

Our call is…

To bring our excitement into life. To align to the the energetic expression of Existence’s desire to know itself as and through us.

Playing this game, something else might become evident and palpable to you.

You don’t need conclusions to make choices. You can use your resonance instead.

No conclusions doesn’t mean you don’t get to make decisions. You need to make choices to move through your day!

But rather than decide based on fixed mental ideas about what things are and what they mean, imply and define…

Choose using your resonance. What feels good. What brings you peace, spaciousness, excitement, joy. That innate vibrational intelligence we all posses, free of predetermined mental conclusions.

Use your inner guidance to choose that which brings you –even if so slightly– a greater sense of expansive and blissful alignment with your True Self.

So, in the space that remains once you take away all conclusions…

What do you prefer to see? Which energy do you want to infuse this moment with?

Not as a new conclusion. There’s definitively no need to fall back again into fixed expectations.


Play with seeing everything as non-conclusive –yes, including what a moment ago was in front of your face bugging you ;-)

Bringing yourself again and again into the lightness and spaciousness of such realization.

And from there, in there… feel into your new expansive and empowered resonance-based choice.