That’s what we want. Perhaps with other names. But the essence of the seeking is the same:

To feel fulfilled, happy and peaceful.

To feel that who we are, matters.

To feel that our life has meaning.

To feel that we are worthy and capable of enjoying our life to its maximum expression.

To feel fully alive.

In that seeking, something fundamental to the structure of existence has escaped our awareness:

Fulfillment, as a state of completeness to reach, doesn’t exist.

Fulfillment, simply… is.

It’s not there to be reached. Any attempt to achieve it is, indeed, elusive. And when you stop to evaluate whether you got there, the idea of ​​the gap between you and your fulfillment grows back again.

From the beliefs underneath the seeking, we continually re-create the illusion of being incomplete.

We believe that our present moment –the only moment of presence in our existence– lacks something. Something that once we find it, will give us the fulfillment we seek.

From that perspective, what is missing from “here” must be somewhere.

It’s not only in some other place to be discovered. It happens that moments pass by while we believe it’s sometime in the future.

It’s not here and now. It is, we believe, out there and “after”.

Now, imagine for a moment…

What if that point of view, that way of interacting with our lives, is not a true reflection of the nature of our existence?

What if instead of living your life looking for what you believe you need, you live and enjoy expressing what has always been there within you?

How could the experience of your life be transformed, if you make that shift of consciousness?

How would it be to live without the anxiety and exhaustion of the eternal seeking?

This is the thing: fulfillment is.

And the beautiful opportunity we have in each now moment is double:

To appreciate it.

And to express it.

But how come? How come what we’ve been looking for so long… doesn’t need to be looked for?

Imagine a movie screen. White. Wide. Stable.

The movie of your life is projected on it. Each scene. Each moment. Each frame that marks a moment in your existence.

Now, for a nano second, freeze the screen’s content. The scene stops. What is displayed is a single frame of the film.

The frame of your present moment –the “now” frame.

It doesn’t matter what the details of the picture are, neither the specifics of the scenery and props on stage, the presence or absent characters, or your appearance on screen…

The frame is complete. And so the screen.

Forward (or rewind if you want) the movie to another frame.

What do you find?

Another complete frame, projecting on the screen that always is.

The image on that frame may look different. There may be more or less light. More or less objects. More or less people. The look on your face in this scene can be placid or tense.

And the frame is just as much a frame as the one before. And so the screen.

The variations in the images and scenes in the movie always occur within the same dimensions of the frame and the screen.

The size of the frame is never smaller. Never bigger. The area of the screen in which they are displayed is always the same.

Forever, in every moment, every frame is 100% a frame. The same for the screen. Always white… wide… stable.

Never ever is there a frame that is less than another frame. Never ever is the screen less –or more– of what it has always been.

Yes, suddenly you find a frame in which only 10% of its area seems to contain something. And we can get confused believing that there is a 90% to be completed.

But behind the illusion, what you find is what always is: the completeness of existence, showing itself.

It’s always 100%! It’s always the full frame, showing up on 100% of the screen.

A frame can never be more of a frame. And the screen will never be more than what it already is.

They have been this way since they exist. And will remain so as long as they are.

And it’s in that eternal and immutable completeness, that the visual game of changes, appearances, disappearances and transformations are displayed in the movie.

But the movie, as well as the frames that define it, and the screen where it is experienced, is always complete.

The frames, the screen and the movie, are always fully complete, fully fulfilled.

Do you see it?

Your life is the movie. The screen, the presence and consciousness that you are as spiritual Being. Each frame, the particular way to focus the light of your existence at every now.

And neither your life, nor the Being that you really are, nor every now, lacks anything.

Not now. Not later. Not before.

When you realize this, when this point of view pervades not just your intellect but your consciousness, your relationship with life gets transformed.


You no longer seek, because you cannot find what you’ve never lost.

Now you appreciate. Acknowledge and celebrate the fullness of your Being and of every moment.

And from that space of consciousness, you find yourself playing to experience more of the completeness that you are, and that has always been you.

Now you discover that your desires are not to find, but to express.

Life is no longer a race for achieving. Now it’s a wonderful journey to more of who you really are.

And in the liberation of re-cognizing the completeness of your Being, the gift of living the fullness that you are arises.

You do not need anything else.

Just Being. Here. Now.

Do you want to blow your mind?

Play imagining a borderless infinite screen; countless movies being projected simultaneously, each one endless; each consisting of billions of frames per second.

In this almost unimaginable infinite completeness, maybe we’ll get a little closer to the direct experience of the magnificence and fullness of our existence.