So far, as individuals as humanity at large, we have tried. Oh yes we have! Again and again.

To change, fix, and improve circumstances.

In most cases, the progression goes very slow. In others, it just doesn’t seem work. At least not for the shift that we really want to take place in our lifes, and in the world.

When we are not satisfied with the money we are making…

When we don’t find contempt, much less fulfillment, in our relationship…

When we see our body in the mirror with dislike…

When we resist the negativity in our world…

When we find injustice being exerted by so many…

When we hate the X we find ourselves in (X = job, place, relationship, circumstance, experience… whatever)…

We attempt to change. The thing is that we have usually done it by modifying what is not the real cause, neither the effective transformational agent, of those circumstances.

We change what we do.

For so long, we have believed that our actions are the way to exhert our power to bend life to obey our will, or to plainly protect ourselves from it. But it’s an illusion.

In that illusion, when something is believed to be “not right”, actions are the thing to change.

You want a different result? Do something different.

That’s the basic paradigm. And it makes sense. Total sense.

But only within the limited perspective of the illusion.

The truth is, there’s no outside. There’s only our consciousness being projected unto itself, providing a dream-like experience that seems real.

Like in a dream, we experience our own projected story as real.

We experience what is our made up virtual environment, as the outside. There seems to be an out there, separate from me.

But the fact is, it’s all me.

It’s all a manufactured reality. Created by consciousness. Experienced in consciousness.

Therefore, there’s no change to make in an “out there” that is not there.

There’s only “in here”. There’s only you, consciousness within consciousness within Existence.

We want shifts and transformations. In the world. In the economy. In the environment.

We want changes. In our lifes. In our results. In our moods and feelings.

We want improvement. In our income. Our relationships. Our bodies. Our lifestyle.

Operating from within the illusion of an outside reality that we need to counteract, we focus our energies in changing what we do.

And those changes seem to work: you do it differently, you get it differently.

Or so it seems. But more often that not, if at all, just for a while.

Or just superficially.

Because internally, we find ourselves in the same place: looking for the next opportunity to change that which we believe will finally bring us peace, liberation, fulfillment, and happiness.

We are not saying what we do is not to be changed.

What we are pointing at is that the fundamental change to make, the one that really has all the power to transform your experience of life, is not that one.

That change will come, too. You’ll change what you do. Unless you don’t.

Because more than changing what you do, once you make the fundamental change, you’ll probably find yourself doing things differently. Or acting upon different things at all. Even effortlessly.

This is the shift that really changes everything: that of our vibrational state of being.

That of self.

That of consciousness.

That of the being you are showing up as.

The change to make to deeply transform our life, our culture, our planet…

From the intimate results of our relationships, our health, our finances and the like…

To the grand-scale happenings such as the global economy, the environmental crisis, the political systems, and the tragedies of the world…

Is not one of doingness.

It’s one of beingness.

One of consciousness.

One of perspectives. Those from which we relate to existence, to life, to each other, to ourselves.

When that shift takes place, all the rest falls into place. Including action.

But different action from the same state of consciousness, will just bring about variations of realities with similar themes: the same fundamental challenges and dramas, just in another disguise.

Here’s the catch: since things usually do change on the surface when we do something different, the illusion continues.

We think it’s all about doing more. Doing better. Doing differently.

But the call we are now getting is that the game is not about doing more, but about being more.

Not becoming more. But being more of who we already are as individuations of Existence.

Then action can follow. And results will show. Because we will find ourselves in a completely different parallel reality commensurate with our new state of being and our new level of consciousness.

To move into those versions of reality were we find where the experiences of peace, abundance, freedom, joy, and fulfillment are available to all, the change to make, must change.

The focus, then, is not in what do to. But in who we are going to be.

The change to make, is one of definition.

Who do you define yourself to be?

An individual… separate from all the rest?

A human being… just having an exsistence within the limited boundaries of your current biological life?

A result of your history… and the stories you keep telling yourself?

The limitfull, flawed person you identify yourself with?

A victim of circumstances and the choices of your soul?

The real change to make is in the reinvention of ourselves. Or more accurately…

In the reintegration of who we really are.

The real change –that which truly has the power to transform our whole experience of life, both in the intimate and the global– is about integrating back into our awareness who we really are:

Eternal, free and infinite spiritual consciousness playing a fascinating human game.