About True-Self Living

TrueSelfLiving.com is all about creating a resonance-based lifestyle.

Don’t you want a life that is a reflection of your dreams? A life that is in alignment with your burning desires?

A life where your inner & outer worlds are a vibrational match? Where what you do, where and the way in which you do it, the people you are surrounded by, the resources and elements in your life, really reflect your essence?

Don’t you want to wake up excited in the morning because you are in YOUR life? To go throughout your day feeling light and excited even about the challenges? To go to sleep basking in the anticipation for another day of playing?

Our True-Self is yearning to live the human experience precisely through whom we believe we are. We are a whole, a unity and there’s a way to live as such. We call it the True-Self Living.

True-Self Living is an open invitation to join an unstoppable movement of beings around the globe living from their true ecstatic selves. A collective of people expressing themselves in authentic, artistic, creative, passionate, exciting, intuitive, expansive and conscious ways.

It’s also a journal. A real-time account of our own path of awakening from the illusions of our identities, and the artificial separation from our True Selves.

True-Self Living is…

A journey to who we really are.

An adventure of Self-discovery.

An ecstatic and sacred expression of our authenticity. An open act of rebellion against imposed limitations. An honest display of our illusory imperfections.

A fantabulous play of naked Souls.

A path to the Divine connection with Consciousness while enjoying the human game.

As human beings we have been trained since early childhood to perceive and compare ourselves through the filters of references.

Along the road, we have created an illusory disconnection from who we are, always have been and forever will be: our True Selves.

True-Self Living is about waking up, reclaiming our power and live a passionate true-self life, powered by Spiritual Knowingness and leaded by our enthusiasm and passion.

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About Us

We are Leo Alcalá & Evelyn Mezquita. Former Teachers of Expansion of Consciousness, Now Hungry and Foolish Apprentices, Passionate Soul-Writers, Creative Entrepreneurs, True-Life Adventurers.

We have shifted realities together several times:

  • We fell in love literally from morning to afternoon. After 9 years of friendship & working together without any romantic thought crossing our minds during those years.

  • We burned our ships when moving from Venezuela to California, USA with 2 kids, 7 suitcases, in just 4 months and with very limited physical resources.

  • We have closed projects, started new ones and changed careers overnight several times, following vibrational logic.

Beyond the illusion of what the eyes can see and our stories can tell, we are messengers with a simple and powerful invitation to share to the world:

To Create, Live and Enjoy an Ecstatic Resonance-Based Lifestyle, Being your True-Self.

After years of expressing ourselves as teachers of expansion of consciousness (for quite a big Spanish speaking community), our call could no longer be hold and we crossed over to English, rebirthing again while facing our dragons and reconnecting with our most hidden, exciting and naked truths.

Now we’re hungry and foolish apprentices, passionate soul-writers, creative entrepreneurs and above all, we’re True-Life adventurers.

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